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Level 1 Senior kit

This level introduces reading skills with 3 letter consonant-vowel-consonant words. The s suffix is added in part way through this level, and towards the end double final consonants: toss, well, mess, off, fill. Follow-up activities involve drawing. Wordchain 1 relates to this level.

$250 + GST


Composite kit Level 1

This kit includes all the resources for kids struggling at this level, regardless of age. There are books made up of basic three letter words written with 6 – 7 year olds in mind, others for 10 – 14 year olds, and more suitable for all ages.

The USB has additional reading resources for children not yet ready for the simplest books. The resources in this kit follow the skills developed in the first part of Wordchain 1.

$265 +GST

The Books



Story by Jan Farr
$5.75 + GST – 67 words
$5.00 + GST each for four or more books
Yuk! Who did it? Well, just one character has gone red.


The Rag Pet

By Betsy Sewell
$6.50 + GST – 382 words
$5.50 + GST each for four or more books
Mum says No to every pet Meg suggests, so she takes inspiration from her rag doll and makes a rag pet.


Wag Wag

Story and play by Jan Farr
$6.50 + GST – 188 words
$5.50 + GST each for four or more books

No-one likes the wet dog being too playful – and getting them wet!


A Tad

by Jan Farr
$6.50 + GST – 233 words
$5.50 + GST each for four or more books

A tad, a dot, a jot, a dab – they all mean not a lot of dinner on the plate.


My Bus

By Betsy Sewell
$6.50 + GST – 562 words
$5.50 + GST each for four or more books
I am happy living in a bus with just the stuff I really need, but my mum is not happy, not at all.