Project Description

This level builds on the skills developed in level 1, and adds in th, sh, ch, wh; and ing, ed, er and y suffixes. Follow-up activities are based on drawing, and for some books the story has been converted into a play. Wordchain 1 relates to this level.

$235 + GST

Included in the kit:

  • 14 books, in journal box.
  • USB with puzzles, recording form, scripts for plays, drawing activities for all books, black and white copies of the Fluency sheets.
  • Head Tummy Tail cards: heads set 1, Tummies set 2, Tails set 1.
  • Relevant sliders.
  • 8 laminated Fluency sheets.
  • 1 laminated ‘Big Word’ challenge.
  • Level 2 manual. This includes dictation, and scripted comprehension guides for all books.
  • Set of 6 pastel whiteboard markers.
  • 60 second sand timer.

Books included are:

A Bad Vet
A Winner
Billy the Bad
Pig and Dog
Hatty the Hen
Into the Mud
Jed’s Pet Rat
Jess the Cat
Josh and his Bus
Molly’s Big Day
Nag Nag
Sam and the Piglet
The Illness of Tilly the Pig