Betsy discusses reading difficulties and how Agility With Sound helps struggling readers become confident and capable in these videos.

What is it?

Agility with Sound is a systematic, research-based programme that builds confident, capable readers.

It’s been designed for classroom teachers, literacy support staff and tutors; simple to use, but incredibly effective.

The integrated suite is designed to tackle the various obstacles to reading comprehension, restoring confidence to struggling readers and giving them the tools they need to become competent, happy readers.

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Why use it?

Agility with Sound is the creation of trained teacher Betsy Sewell, whose children faced their own battles with dyslexia.

Betsy has worked with hundreds of children who struggled with reading: teaching them and listening to their stories. She has seen the anguish of their parents and care-givers turn to joy as their children progressed towards capable reading.

The Agility with Sound programme is a product of Betsy’s experiences and years of research, all with a single goal: help children achieve reading success!

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What are people saying?

One of our boys came to show me a word he had spelled using the Agility With Sound tiles. It was 12 letters long and very impressive. He looked like he’d won lotto. I don’t think he stopped smiling all day!

Judy Sachdeva, SENCO, Prebbleton School

Agility With Sound is very easy to manage because the planning is already done: it’s hands-on and in levels.

Our children have progressed significantly in reading levels, and their writing as well. It has had a huge effect on the children’s fluency.

Taloa Sagapolutele, Year 5 and 6 teacher, Rowley Ave. School