These videos explain what research tells us about the reading process, where it goes wrong, and how to put it right.

There are more videos not listed here, that demonstrate how to use the Agility with Sound resources. Links to relevant videos accompany purchases of resources.

Why kids struggle with reading and writing

These three videos taken together explain where it goes wrong for so many of our kids.

Agility with Sound: an overview

Using Agility with Sound in the classroom

These four videos explain how the Wordchain apps work, and what skills each one covers.

Wordchain 1

Wordchain 2

Wordchain 3

Wordchain 4

This series of videos is all about the books. A general one that explains the sequence, and then a peek inside many of the titles.

The decodable books

Level 1 books

Level 2 books

Level 3 books

Level 4 books

Level 5 books

Level 6 books

Level 7 books

English Makes Sense

Written english is extremely complicated, but underneath there is a logic to it.

How good readers make sense of it

And for those who do not get it…

Using the Head Tummy Tail Cards