Project Description

This level introduces reading skills with 3 letter consonant-vowel-consonant words. The s suffix is added in part way through this level, and towards the end double final consonants: toss, well, mess, off, fill. Follow-up activities involve drawing. Wordchain 1 relates to this level.

$250 + GST
Included in the kit:

  • 23 books in journal box.
  • The USB contains PDF versions of the books for children to illustrate, puzzles, black and white copies of the Fluency sheets, reading activities for those not yet ready for books.
  • 6 laminated Fluency sheets.
  • 2 laminated Big Word challenges
  • Relevant sliders
  • Level 1 manual
  • Pack of 6 pastel coloured whiteboard markers.
  • 60 second sand timer

Books included are:

A Cup of Mud
A Din in the Den
A Kip in the Sun
A Mix Up
A Monster Problem
A Nap in the Sun
A Tad
Bugs in the Jam
Dan is Ten
For my Kids
Go Sam Go
Gus the Pup
Mum’s Big Mess
My Bus
Nan is OK
Rat gets Fat
The Monster Bug
The Rag Pet
The Tan Man
Tom’s Lap Top
Wag Wag
Yum said Mum