Project Description

This level build on the skills developed in level 2, and adds in ck, -all words, ay, and le, led, et and en suffixes. Books are longer and much more sophisticated. Wordchain 1 relates to this level.

$230 + GST

Included in the kit:

  • 13 books in journal box.
  • USB with puzzles, black and white copies of the Fluency sheets, and recording form.
  • Relevant sliders.
  • 7 laminated Fluency sheets.
  • 3 laminated ‘Big Word’ challenges.
  • Level 3 manual. This includes scripted comprehension guides for all books.
  • Pack of 6 pastel coloured whiteboard markers.
  • 60 second sand timer

Books included are:

A Better Daybed for Mum
A Hat for the Rugby
A Letter in a Bottle
A Shipwreck
A Top Cat
All for a Better Shell
Bob Bobs Up
Cop and Robber
Mr. Ducket’s Ferret
The Tin and Box Man
Picking up Kitty