Level 7 Senior kit

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Project Description

As above, plus common vowel digraphs, ai, ou, ew and the like, common prefixes.

$220+ GST

Included in the kit:

  • 17 books.
  • USB with puzzles, black and white copies of the Fluency sheets, activity templates and recording form.
  • Relevant sliders.
  • 5 laminated Fluency sheets.
  • 7 Big Word Challenges.
  • Level 7 manual. This includes scripted comprehension guides and follow up activities for all books.

Books included are:

Adrift with a Shark
Catching Flying Fish
Fast and Slow
Living in a Yurt
My Holiday
Pink Candles
The Beaver
The Christmas Truce
The Elephant Problem
The End of the War
The First All Blacks
The Humpback Whale
The Hunter and the Bear
The Runner
This Life of Mine
Uncle Max’s Big Problem

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