This is a set of  five Games underpinning  the Agility with Sound program of instruction.

It is an essential tool to build skills and confidence in letter-sound recognition, word building etcccc.

go here to the web page http://wordchain.co.nz/support/

or here to sign up for the games http://play.wordchain.co.nz

Look at this document before beginning to sign up https://agilitywithsound.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2024/02/Pre-sign-up-and-onboarding-docs-for-web.pdf

Which Wordchain Do I Choose?

These tabs below provide a quick outline of which Wordchain may best suit your needs.

For an in-depth assessment, see our Wordchain Spelling Tests.

You can also view Betsy demonstrating the Games

Wordchain explained https://youtu.be/bDDdMHoGuC4

Wordchain 2,3 and 4 explained https://youtu.be/v6M-_9N-KPQ