Project Description

This level builds on the skills developed in level 3, and adds in initial blends, ng, ar, ow as in grow, y as in fly. Follow-up activities involve a mix of drawing and writing, including writing some plays. Wordchain 2 relates to this level.

$275 + GST

Included in the kit:

  • 19 books.
  • USB with puzzles, comprehension guides, black and white copies of the Fluency sheets, and recording forms.
  • Relevant sliders.
  • 13 laminated Fluency sheets.
  • 3 Big Word Challenges
  • Level 4 manual. This includes dictation and scripted comprehension guides for all books.
  • Pack of 6 pastel coloured whiteboard markers.
  • 60 second sand timer

Books included are:

A Frog Pet
Daddy Long Legs
Dilly Duck
Getting Dinner
Griff and his Sled
Little Butterfly
The King’s Hat
Little Red gets Cunning
Mr. Rat and Mr. Frog
My Gran
Party in the Dark
Quick Jack
The Ant and the Cricket
The Little Chick
The Maths Test
The Starfish
I am a Tracker
How They Play Cricket