My Bus

By Betsy Sewell
$6.00 + GST – 562 words

I am happy living in a bus with just the stuff I really need, but my mum is not happy, not at all.


Wag Wag

Story and play by Jan Farr
$5.50 + GST – 188 words
$8 + GST – Story and play

No-one likes the wet dog being too playful – and getting them wet!


Wet Cat

Poem by Jan Farr
$5.50 + GST – 307 words

Play with me, we can have fun, if you do not bother to take your wet cat to the vet.


A Tad

Story and play by Jan Farr
$5.50 + GST – 233 words
$8 + GST – Story and play

A tad, a dot, a jot, a dab – they all mean not a […]


A Bad Vet

By Betsy Sewell
$6 + GST – 474 words

Mainly cvc, with some th words (this, them that…) The animals treated badly by the vet decide to get rid of him.



Story by Jan Farr
$5.50 + GST – 217 words

sh, ch, th, wh “Run” has so many meanings – run the tap, run to the shop.


A Winner

By Betsy Sewell
$8 + GST – 744 words

Words ending in er. Who is bigger and better, the Digger or the Tipper? Little Bobcat is left doing all the work.


Chug Chug

Story by Jan Farr
$5.50 + GST – 189 words

Words ending in y – Sally, buggy etc. Sally pretending to be in a buggy tugged by a filly and Sammy being […]


The Robber

Story and play by Jan Farr
$8 + GST – 592 words
$9.50 + GST – Story and play

Two cops are sitting in the shop, but they are unable to catch Jill […]



Story and play by Jan Farr
$5.50 + GST – 249 words
$8.50 + GST – Story and play

Many ck words A sick duck cannot say Quack properly.



By Betsy Sewell
$8 + GST – 604 words

Many ck words, le ending. A bug goes up to the deck to finish off the dog’s dinner, but gets stuck lying on […]


A Top Cat

Story by Ali Foster
$5.50 + GST – 406 words

Dan the fish and chip man becomes ill, so his faithful cat sets up such a racket, ensuring that Dan is saved.



Poem by Jan Farr
$8.50 + GST – 571 words

A gloriously funny poem about various animals acquired to get rid of the rats.


A Shipwreck

By Betsy Sewell
$8.50 + GST – 1297 words

The villagers are struggling to survive and pay the land tax, when a ship loaded with valuable metal sinks close to the village. […]


My Gran

By Betsy Sewell
$8 + GST – 714 words

Initial blends, er, y and le endings, some ck words. It is embarrassing going on the bus with Gran. Every time she sees […]


Quick Jack

Story by Jan Farr
$8 + GST – 508 words

Many ck words with initial blends. Hell Cat, Quick Jack and Cock- a- Dockle Hen and her chicks – and getting out […]


Dilly Duck

By Betsy Sewell
$9.50 + GST – 1549 words

ck, ng, and ll words, ay, ow and y endings. Many -le and -led words. A duckling brought up by a child can […]



By Betsy Sewell
$5.50 + GST – 456 words

Initial blends and endings. The legend of how rugby was invented from a flat soccer ball at Rugby School.



By Betsy Sewell
$5.50 + GST – 485 words

Final blends, many l controlled vowels (felt, cold etc.) Gran comes to look after a child in bed with mumps, and explains about […]


The Hut

By Betsy Sewell
$8 + GST – 804 words

Some final blends; ic, led endings. Boys build and furnish a hut in the plum tree, only to have it taken over by […]


Wombat Land

By Betsy Sewell
$8.50 + GST – 1076 words

Final blends with endings. A wombat marks his territory with poos – very distinctive poos, and lots of them. His multiple burrows and […]


The Godwits

By Betsy Sewell
$8 + GST – 938 words

es, ive endings. Some longer words to break up, insects, dragonfly. The story of the godwit’s incredible flight to the tundra in Alaska, […]


The Shag

By Betsy Sewell
$8 + GST – 762 words

The story of how the shag fishes and brings up its young, and how traditional fishermen in Japan trained shags to bring in […]


Sally Mon

By Betsy Sewell
$8.50 + GST – 981 words

Short vowels with initial and final blends, with more challenging words to decipher: panic, solid, beyond etc. The story of a salmon, and […]


A Jar of Jam

By Betsy Sewell
$8.50 + GST – 1137 words

Blends, some words with double endings (ered, ingly). Mum loses the jar of jam she has just bought, and it is found by […]


Jin the Otter

By Betsy Sewell
$9.50 + GST – 1576 words

Blends with endings, some double endings. When Jin the Otter escaped from the (Auckland) zoo, the public, the police, the army were called […]


The Quake

By Betsy Sewell
$8 + GST – 731 words

a_e. After the earthquake, the landscape is altered, and the map the trampers have bought in good faith is quite wrong. Suitable for […]


The Limpet

By Betsy Sewell
$8.50 + GST – 1018 words

o_e,but also a_e and i_e. What an absolutely fascinating little creature the limpet is! What ingenious ways it has of protecting itself against […]


Rin Tin Tin

By Betsy Sewell
$9.50 + GST – 1425 words

ee/ ea words. Includes war, Warners, and awards. The true story of a puppy rescued from the brink of starvation from a German […]


Libby Riddles

By Betsy Sewell
$9.50 + GST – 1717 words

v-e words, ee/ ea words. A sprinkling of ‘or’ words: storm, morning, Norton etc. Libby was the first woman to win the grueling […]



By Betsy Sewell
$8.50 + GST – 1404 words

ee and ea words. From the gold fields of Central Otago. Finding gold is not quite as easy as the rumours suggest, and […]



By Betsy Sewell
$7 + GST – 561 words

Introduces ai. Who gets the biggest fright when you encounter a stingray – you or the stingray?


Pink Candles

By Betsy Sewell
$9.50 + GST – 2041 words

Many oa, ai and igh words. Digging for coal in the days when dark tunnels were lit by candles attached to the miner’s […]


My Holiday

By Betsy Sewell
$9.50 + GST – 2158 words

ee, ea, or, ai, oa, igh practice, and introduces oo. Going on holiday with Dad to Mars. Mum says eat properly, sleep properly, […]


The Beaver

By Betsy Sewell
$9.50 + GST – 1455 words

More tch words, introduces dge. Beaver dams and lodges are engineering feats. How the beaver creates its own habitat, for winter and summer.


The Runner

By Betsy Sewell
$9.50 + GST – 1682 words

ou. More complex words than “The Humpback Whale.” When the mine collapsed trapping the miners for 69 days, Edison Pena kept his sanity […]


Fast and Slow

By Betsy Sewell
$9.50 + GST – 1416 words

More ur /ir /ear words, prefixes, introduces aw. The swift and the falcon are the fastest of earth’s creatures, and the sloth is […]


T. Rex

By Betsy Sewell
$9.50 + GST – 2213 words

Introduces ea making short ‘e’ sound (bread, breath), and ‘ure’, ‘ture’ and ‘sure’ endings. Just a few bones and no complete skeletons remain […]